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 Despoiler » And Then I Do My Moves, I Do My Holomoves

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And Then I Do My Moves, I Do My Holomoves

Posted by SpaceBass on May 7th, 2008 filed in tips, trailheads


Once again, we have been deceived by our own ineptitude. The other day (okay, three days ago) some dude, aptly named “Tim,” wrote to us with this little tidbit:

Hi there.

I was at a trade show in San Francisco about a week ago, and struck up a conversation with a recruiter from some start-up in San Diego.

I went to the URL on the back of the card, and apparently, there’s some kind of puzzle on the site.

I wasn’t able to solve it, but my friend Tyler suggested you might be able to help.



Business Card

Anyway, this came via email instead of our handy tipline, so we kind of decided it was just a bad ripoff of the cryptic way Google has in the past solicited employees and we then proceeded to ignore it. Until today, that is, when we – amongst several other people, it seems – received a “mysterious” package in the mail, containing a photocopied, redacted memorandum, an origami crane, an empty packet of Emergen-C (doubtless having been raided and eaten by the crane in transit) with a sticker on the backside, and a bunch of little origami crane poop.

Memo Zoom

Needless to say, we were much chagrined to be scooped on this news by a guy whose name rhymes with “Turkistan.” We are curious as to how he rated a full, unredacted copy of the memorandum in question, however, while everyone else was forced to piece together chunks at a time for a minimum of satisfaction. Not that we even noticed until after the fact that there were pieces to fit together at all, but hey, what do you want from us?

More pics after the jump. Not pictured for decency, but still fun to mention again: origami poop.

Memorandum (click for larger size)

Emergen-C with Sticker
Emergen-C with Sticker (on reverse)

Crane sans Poop
Origami Crane

Shipping Label
Note how the tracking number has been scratched off. Jerks.

One Response to “And Then I Do My Moves, I Do My Holomoves”

  1. Jackie Says:

    Note how jerks also addressed it to “unifiction.” HOLA! ?Come se dice ‘Crane poop’?

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