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 Despoiler » The Terrible Secret of MySpace

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The Terrible Secret of MySpace

Posted by SpaceBass on February 11th, 2009 filed in tips, trailheads

The Secret Organisation

Fresh from our tip box, here’s another conspiracy for the friendface generation. Some group (or possibly just one deranged individual) appears to be using MySpace to recruit help in stopping the outbreak of some sort of virulent super-plague. Now you might think that MySpace isn’t exactly the lowest profile site to be hosting a top secret project page but you’d be dead wrong. Or at least you could be after May 1, 2009, the date a newspaper article from the future predicts certain doom for us all. By microbe, it seems.

We need your help

Needless to say, those Unfiction blokes have already dived (dove? diven?) into the investigation head-first and bloodied their collective heads bashing into references to some other group called the E.Y.E., which naturally does not trust The Secret Organisation (probably because it spells itself with a pretentious British “S” instead of the more internet-casual “Zed”), and some random guy’s blog. Bonus points for references to the lost colony of Roanoake! Intrigue!

2 Responses to “The Terrible Secret of MySpace”

  1. Mikeyj Says:

    Pretentious! Pretentious!

    I think you’ll find that the sibilance is sensual and that it’s the z’s that harsh the buzz.

  2. The Secret Organization: Story Recap Says:

    [...] Here are some links to get you started. Article on Despoiler.org: http://www.despoiler.org/2009/02/11/the-terrible-secret-of-myspace/ Unfiction community topic: [...]

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