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Blue Mercury Rising

Posted by SpaceBass on September 23rd, 2009 filed in tips, trailheads

The Cardinal Case

If there’s anything that will bring us out of a blue monkey funk months-long bender, it’s an invitation to a party! At least, we assume the following mail drop is for a party because we Googled “Hermaeus” and found out it has something to do with celebrations in honor of Hermes involving boys and gymnasia. Hey, waitaminnit….

The Cardinal Case
October 17th
New York City

Secrets stole I, treasures too;
I invite you to pursue.
How to win my worthy gifts?
I am one of many shifts.
This Hermaea worth shall prove
And the chaff from wheat remove.
Will you my fond pageant see
And earn this purloined property?
Place to place, we’ll celebrate.
Kindly, gentles, save the date.

Invitation – Click to Enzoomify

While it’s absolutely conceivable that this message has something to do with the Catholic church or certain creatures traditionally feathered in crimson, some of the Twitterati claim it’s really the next chapter in Prototype 161. Then again, it’s been so long that those guys surely must be in full production mode by now. What’s the standard shelf-life of a prototype anyway?

Regardless, we’re looking forward to the free plane ticket we expect to follow shortly, except this time not addressed to “Space Bass.” Hey, did we mention we live on the opposite coast from NYC, you blatant teases?! *shaking fist*

Invitation - Cover
Invitation Cover

What is the letter on that sticker, anyway? I? S? F? YUZZ? The world may never know.

2 Responses to “Blue Mercury Rising”

  1. Datango Says:

    I’d say that it is an S.

    After all the invitation was sent by Selma

  2. SpaceBass Says:

    UPDATE: We’ve been informed it’s an “S” of the Palace Script variety. S is for SpaceBass! Mystery solved. (h/t DB)

    ETA: Of course, it would have been nice if we’d noticed the previous comment before posting this. Go Datango!

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