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What is this site all about?

Huh? Did you check out the about page? It says right there!

No, really. What is this site all about?

Oh, fine. The Despoiler blog is where we (Unfiction) post Alternate Reality Gaming (ARG) and Chaotic Fiction campaign tips we receive via email, the forums, the contact form, and physical delivery. Sometimes we’ll post campaign and site updates or news but mainly it’s just the tips.

Despoiler also provides free wiki setup and hosting to the ARG community when requested for these sort of campaigns. See below for details on how to submit wiki requests or campaign tips.

What is Alternate Reality Gaming?

According to Wikipedia, it’s “an interactive narrative that uses the real world as a platform, often involving multiple media and game elements, to tell a story that may be affected by participants’ ideas or actions.” That’s vague enough to satisfy us. Imbri’s Quickstart Guide is also a good place to start if you want a little better summary with examples.

What is Chaotic Fiction?

According to SpaceBass, it’s a fictional construct that begins with a set of rules, uses those rules to run its scenario through an organic “computer” comprised of audience and author, and ends with a finite body of work that was not predetermined. Wikipedia has no apparent opinion on the matter. ARGs are a subset Chaotic Fiction, which may include a lot of “ARG-ish” efforts and related interests, such as online collaborative fiction, extended viral campaigns, puzzle contests utilizing narrative, and extended media experiences.

Who should submit campaign tips?

Anyone may submit tips for campaigns or updates. We prefer that developers provide their tips via Despoiler rather than by posting their own trailhead clues directly to the Unforum. Note that if you are a developer who has already posted their trailhead to uF, we are extremely unlikely to post about your campaign tip to Despoiler, especially if your tip includes statements describing your recognition of the fact that you weren’t supposed to post to uF in the first place. Seriously, WTF were you thinking?!

How do I submit a tip?

Click the contact link, choose “Send a Tip” from the dropdown, fill in the rest of the fields, then click “Submit.”

What information should I include in my tip?

Try to tell us as much as you can about your campaign and the elements upon which you’d like our readers to concentrate. The less information you give us to go on, the harder it is for us to write something interesting about it.

Try not to just send us a few cryptic lines or a code or something. We suck at puzzles and don’t have the time to do a bunch of work or research just to figure out what the heck we’re supposed to be talking about.

If I submit a tip, can I do it anonymously?

Sure, just tell us in the body text and we’ll forgo mentioning your name. We tend to err towards anonymous tipstery anyhow, unless the provided name is pretty clearly fictional or part of the conceit, like it’s mentioned on an in-game site or something.

If I had a physical package to send to you, where should I send it?

Our mailing address is located on the contact form page. This response is purely informational and should not be considered as a solicitation of any kind.

What kind of wikis do you host?

We host wikis that were requested by players of ARG, CF, and related campaigns.

Who should request wikis?

Players and/or developers of ARG and CF campaigns who are interested in themselves organizing and maintaining information on the wiki. We recognize that for every one player who is willing to step up and begin this kind of work, there are likely 20 others who would contribute to it but who may not want to kick it off themselves. If you’re not interested in working on the wiki you request, please wait until someone else asks for it, as it will be very unlikely to attract authors merely by sitting empty.

How do I request a wiki?

Click the contact link, choose “Request a Wiki” from the dropdown, fill in the rest of the fields, then click “Submit.”

What information should I include in my wiki request?

The name of the campaign (or whatever the players are using to refer to it) and links to trailhead sites and any related sites, resources or discussions, at a minimum. Any introductory information you can provide about the campaign and related player speculation would also be helpful. Assume we have never even heard of the campaign and summarize accordingly.

Seriously, though. What is this site all about?

It helps us blow off a little steam now and again. Alternative answer: It’s a trap!

You’re kind of a jerk.

That is not a question! But yes, yes we are.

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